GRANDER water: water in its original form

The GRANDER Water Revitalisation is a process, which helps your tap water to a biologically higher quality. It

● tastes good and is easy to drink
● supports one’s wellbeing 
● is gentle on one’s skin and hair 
● helps  reduce the use of laundry/cleaning detergents
● decreases building of lime and rust

GRANDER water has developed to a daily habit for hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, one habit they don't want to do without.  The high-quality, revitalized water is mainly used for:

  • drinking
  • the household
    (cooking, bathing, showering, cleaning ....)
  • plants and animals
  • swimming pools, hotels and wellness facilities
  • agriculture and gardening
  • the production of food
  • the industry and trade
  • heating water for well functioning heating systems

Water revitalisation according to Johann Grander gives water the natural characteristics back and returns it to what is used to be, namely our most important elixir of life: powerful, fresh and a true elixir of life.