Our farm "Filzen" in Kitzbühel

Our farm lies 800 meters above sea level in Bichlbach. A landscape originating from glacier moraine, forming the hills and mountains between Kitzbuehel, Reith, Going and Oberndorf. This unique landscape of green pastures, swamps and forest was formed thousands of years ago.

„Whatever brings you to us it should be the memory which will bring you back.“

Our holiday slogan

Our farm is surrounded by approximately 14 hectares of cultivated fields used for farming and orchards with fruit trees. The woods nearby grow mainly spruce trees for commercial use such as fire wood and for the farms own heating system. The woodland is also open to our guests and the local people to take relaxing and peaceful walks in idyllic surroundings. In 2000 we reorganised the time consuming dairy farm to a beef farm. We now maintain a herd of “Pinzgauer” a native but a seldom type of breed. The cattle are very robust. The mother cow has a very good maternal instinct which is ideal for this type of farming. The calves stay with their mothers for about 11 months.

The herd are fed on the farms own produce and the calves drink milk from their mothers. They are also fed hay, grass and winter silage. At 11 months the calves are then taken to the local slaughterhouse. The quality of the fine marbled meat is excellent and sold in 10 kilo packets direct to markets and shops.

The orchard around the house is a popular playground for the children. We use the fruit produce for storing and for our schnapps production.